Car Tech of the Not So Distant Future

March 16th, 2016 No Comments

Today technology in cars grows exponentially, and with Tesla becoming the game changing force that it is we are now in a whole new arena of what we think is possible with cars and what we can look for in the future. We are in the midst of a perspective shift where by what was once science fiction is now a looming reality. Even things that were not science fiction, that is to say, things that are not even in the social consciousness as possible are due to be released and improve the driving experience.

One innovation at the fore is going to be the electronic sun visor . If you have ever driven east in the morning you know that sun visors never really cuts it. In an attempt to make the visor more comfortable most will try to modify the visor in an attempt to make it more comfortable, but no matter what you do its just the means are never going to cut it. A corporate research team at Volkswagen is in development an electronic anti-glare system using an electronic matrix within the glass controlled by a computer to block the rays. The sun status sensor and a sensor that locates the eyes of the person driving and feeds a signal to a computer which then calculates the point at which the sunlight entry within the car and selectively blocks the point as it contacts your eyes. The idea being that there will be a wider array to see, in addition to a better quality of light blocking. vvhffr

Another innovation coming into production soon is going to be hands-off doze control. We know today that drowsy driving is as dangerous in some cases as drunk driving. Sophisticated camera system will be able to tell the highway marking and sound a gentle warning to nudge with a sound or vibration, sound a gentle warning to alert the driving if the vehicle. The car is going to allow more people. This is going to be a major innovation but we should consider that with the rise of autonomous driving might make this an arbitrary development considering the fact cars may be driverless in a few years. However, even if the innovation is short lived and it results in the saving of a few lives, it will be worth it in my opinion. Next is going to be the Tesla giga factory in Nevada which is going to be a marvel of engineering. It will be over a mile end to end and will be a quarter mile side to side. There are various techniques that allow you to fight this, however they are not fool proof.


The factory will exceed the produciton of lithium ion batteries in the entire world combined. This will massively decrease the price of car batteries and allow for them to go from the financially elite item to something that is an actual viable option. Moreover, the gigafactory is going to be 100 self sufficient and energy independent. Through a mixture of geothermal, wind and mostly solar energy it will produce more energy than it uses.


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